Hair Extensions

Real hair extensions and cutting edge technology by Hairdreams is used.

The quality of Hairdreams hair extensions makes all the difference. We only work with the best and highest-grade hair, which is procured all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles.

Hairdreams hair is available in a vast variety of standard colors ranging from subtle natural browns all the way to brilliant red shades; from a wide range of blonde nuances to intense and strong trend colors.

The Hairdreams Laserbeamer NANO system has achieved yet again a technological quantum leap in the art of making hair longer and fuller. Unlike other common hair extension systems, the fully automatic method does not require any after-application or correction.

Thanks to a modern precision technique the Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano bonds are ultra-thin and extremly flat. The patented bonding material offers the world’s smallest bonds with a Crystal Polymer that covers and protects your hair.

Hairdreams Quikkies are self-adhesive, 1.5 inch wide strips made from ultra-light microfiber gauze with original Hairdreams hair attached to it. They are extremely flat and durable, gentle and fast to apply and can be reused several times.

With the Hairdreams Selector technique, each strand is attached individually by hand. Through the manual process the hair extensions can be handled in a particularly precise way and perfectly adjusted to the individual characteristics.

Hair care

Brush hair gently a few times a day, from ends towards scalp before and after washing, with recommended brush.

Wash hair two to three times a week with your head back using cool/warm water, with only gentle conditioning/moisturizing shampoo.

Do not leave the hair wet.

Do not use conditioner, styling oil or shine drops on bonds or scalp.

Softly towel dry by patting with a towel before blowdrying.

Do not scrub the hair.

Use styling oil or shine drops onto extensions after the hair is damp.

Braid long extensions before bed.

Perform conditioning treatments once or twice a week.

Shampoo and condition hair after swimming.

In general, avoid applying any product to scalp and bonds.